Clear Lake Lumber was started in 1973 in Spartansburg, Pennsylvania. Our original mill produced 10,000 board feet a day and sold only green lumber. Even then our reputation for producing high quality lumber was well known locally. Over the last 27 years, we have become a much larger company, but our quality standards have remained unchanged. Today, we have customers throughout the world that rely on us to supply them best possible hardwood lumber.

At Clear Lake, we invest heavily in the latest technology, both to control cost and to continually improve the overall quality of our products. We use high strain band mills with computerized scanning equipment to produce flat, straight lumber. Our optimizing edger and optimizing trimmer ensure that every board exceeds a specific level of yield. These optimizers are set to eliminate almost all wane on all grades of lumber! The result is a much higher yield than stock of the same grade produced conventionally.

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