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If you’ve been putting off harvesting your timber, now is a great time to consider a sale. Prices have rebounded and we are actively buying timber and timberland. If you are interested in an evaluation of your woodlot, please give us a call. Clear Lake is one of the largest and most modern mills in the area. Since 1973, we have purchased timber from landowners and have a very positive reputation in the industry. We will treat your property as we treat our own.
We would love to hear from you.  Please email and we will respond back within 24 hours(usually immediately).   Please include name, phone and email address and any information regarding your timber.  Also our new interactive website will be running starting August 10th so be sure to check back.  Thanks!"
Clear Lake Lumber, Inc.
409 Main Street
Spartansburg, PA 16434
(800) 237-1191
Clear Lake Lumber, Inc. · 409 Main Street, Spartansburg, PA 16434 · (800) 237-1191 ·